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Mikhail Leznov
Loan Manager
Marina Leznova

DML Lending has a fast and reliable lending process.


DML Lending is a family owned and operated by a group experienced and knowledgeable real estate lenders that help local real estate investors become successful. DML provides short-term (12 months) loans to a variety of independent real estate developers and investors across the country. Our unique process is proven to be fast, reliable, and flexible because unlike anyone else in the industry, we understand the importance of the term time is money. We believe in quality, not quantity! Our goal is to provide each and every borrower with a quick and efficient hard money loan that your project deserves. DML lending provides short-term (7-14 month) commercial loans for developers and investors in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

Our short term loan programs are designed for investment projects such as:

  • Fix and Flip

  • New Construction

  • Cash Out – Refinance

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