DML's program provides funds to restate investors and developers who are looking to purchase and rehab investment properties (1-4 family homes and condo units). This program is targeted at 1-4 family homes and condo units. 

Since we are family owned lenders, our terms are very simple and and our underwriting and closing process is lightning fast. We make quick common sense decisions on the spot. 

 Our unique process is proven to be fast, reliable, and flexible because unlike anyone else in the industry, we understand the importance of the term time is money. Our goal is to provide each and every borrower with a quick and efficient hard money loan that your project deserves. 

Residential Fix and Flip Loans


Loan Type

Fix and flip rehab

Loan Amount

$75,000 to $25,000,000

Maximum Term

Up to 18 Months


Interest Only

Interest Rate

9% + 2 points (Interest Only)

Loan To Value

Up to 90% of purchase

Up to 100% of renovation

Loan to After Repair Value 

Up to 70% ARV


Borrower experience required